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Here are the technical specs for our commercial air movers

If you have any questions, just let us know.

IMPORTANT NOTE: these products are designed for industrial purposes (domestic models are available in hardware stores).

SUKI Commercial air mover

Applications of the SUKI air mover

Ideal for

  • flood restoration
  • damp floors
  • carpet drying
  • skirting board drying
  • reduce long term damage

Features of the SUKI air mover

  • 3 different airflow angles (horizontally, 45° and 90°).
  • Motor is completely enclosed to prevent moisture from entering and damaging motor's internal components.
  • Easy to carry, lightweight, and can securely stack 4 units high.
  • Built in sturdy handles to mount the unit for stowing.

Dimensions and specs of the SUKI air mover

1/2 HP motor

2950 CFM while drawing a minimal 4. 5 amps.

*Warranty does not cover defect or malfunction caused by misuse or improper maintenance. Failure to follow the operating instructions may void your warranty.

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