SUKI commercial dehumidifiers

With a commercial 85 litre per day moisture removal capability, SUKI commercial dehumidifiers have the capacity to get the job done - fast. 

Built with a sturdy polyethylene casing, these dehumidifiers can withstand the rigours of the job site no mater what the environment.

The ideal solution to flood restoration, timber drying, paint drying - in fact, any application where reducing or controlling moisture levels can help improve your productivity.


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SUKI air movers

With 3 different airflow angles from horizontal right up to 90°, these lightweight but sturdy units can be stacked up to 4 high for maximum effectiveness.

With a solid 0.5 HP motor and fully enclosed motor to prevent moisture damage, this easy-to-carry unit can help with flood restoration and with the different airflow angles it's perfect for drying out carpets, skirting boards and more to reduce long term damage.


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Commercial dehumidifiers

Commercial dehumidifiers (also called Industrial Dehumidifiers) help you solve your moisture and humidity problems

Excess humidity and moisture in your crawl space, warehouse, office, factory, or shop can cause corrosion, mould growth, and damaging rot. Damage to inventory and inflated building maintenance costs are a result of moisture. It can also hold you up on completing a project, adding additional costs to a job that can easily be avoided.

The solution is a commercial dehumidifier or industrial dehumidifier which will remove excess moisture - effectively and quickly. Whether it's from the air in your home, office, workplace, factory, basement, crawl space - a commercial dehumidifier protects your property and the health of the people who occupy it. It will also allow you to dry out areas at speed, whether it's a freshly painted room you need to dry before a second coat or for flood recovery and to reduce additional damage from long-term water and moisture build up.

With a commercial dehumidifier, you'll be able to maximise your productivity, and get jobs done much quicker. Take a look at our online shop, as well as our special offer discount bundles that can save you hundreds of dollars. We have commercial air movers to as well, which can really help you complete the job in the shortest amount of time - good for you and your client!

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SUKI commercial dehumidifiers and commercial air movers - drying flooded areas and carpets, removing damp and moisture, high speed paint drying and more...